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         Do you keep running into problems online?

Do you keep running into problems?

 try these steps and maybe one might help you ;)

My favorit is this online scanner.. it is amazing good..

they got 3 different steps you can use.. all 3 is very good..

Online Scanner

 there is the online scanner that will find virus and spyware for you.

 Easy clean

F-Secure Easy Clean finds and removes many of the latest viruses, worms, and spyware detected by our Security Lab. When run, it will do a quick check for rootkit symptoms on the computer and then proceed with scanning and removing infections.

Health Check

F-Secure Health Check will tell you if your computer is protected. It checks that you have up to date security applications and finds vulnerabilities in your installed software. It then guides you to a solution when issues are discovered.

All these you find at F-Secures website..


Oh did I mention all these options are FREE? lol

It is worth considering getting their full program thou, but try out these free options and judge for yourself.

Another important thing is to keep your computer updated if you got windows you can go to their page and serch for updates, or set your computer to serch itself..


Some other ideas would be

Always delete your cookies, here is how to do that..

 Empty your trashcan.

Delete rose2.aka

Delete cache