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             *How to use the Decomaker*

 I remember all the problems I had myself when I started using decomaker so here is a step by step on how to use it. if you get problems you can always msg me in Moove or at moove@lisdane.com and I will answer you as soon as I can.

First step is to download the Decomaker tutorial. you do that in Mooveshop, under Developer,

 and it looks like this   

But you also need to download the imp3ds (as you will need that one too later)

 that looks like this   



After downloading it, and you open decomaker it looks like this


First you have to write in the name of your design in the first line, I dont use the next two lines myself, but that is up to you.

Now we get to surface. Here you will need to use something called SRFs, which I will explain about further down the page. 

I have also added a few basic SRFs for you to download so you have something to start out with.

You open surface and go to the folder you have where you got your SRFs in, then click on the SRF you want to use and click open (my computer is danish, so dont mind the words on the pictures *smiles)

I opend a square SRF and now it looks like this.. now I can size it, which I do just below the picture. I can change the width, hight and deept.

You will have to try to make a few and load them, to learn how the different sizes are. But a wall in Moove, lets say in the entry. is usually 400 high. Just so you got an idea of the sizes. When I make a wall, I make it 400 x 400 x 15

Now we have to change the color, and that we do in textures.. again it is up to you how you want it to look and what textures to use, but you will have to try and try and try.. make a lot of tests to see how it looks.

click on textures and go to the folder you have with textures in, and choose one.

further down you can choose options as stackable, cast shadows, climbable and groundhight

the first ones is just what they are named, so I dont think that I have to explan those. but groundhight is if you want to make, lets say a mirror and want it to go straight up to the middle of the wall, then you have to change the groundhight. remember the walls in Moove is usually 400 high.

But again you will have to test and try your way. it often takes a few tests before you get it right, so dont give up *smiles

Make it - load it and see what you want changed and do it again *smiles

in the bottem right is two options, software rendering and hardware.. But...I have to admidt, I dont know much about these, but as I understand it. the first one is for software and the second one is for DirectX.. but I am not 100% sure.

I do know when you use the last one, you have easy options of shadows, light etc.. and that is usually the one I use. if the first one is used, the texture has to be preshaded.. I have shown on the picture above and the picture below the difference, with same texture. (above is software and below is directX)

Now we have made a deco and have to save it.

Click on Create MPZ. name it

(I have found out it is smart not to use spaces between the names, as it doesnt always work for a downloadlink. so insted of writing My deco I always write My_deco.. But that is up to you to try what you like and want.

Save it in a folder and you got your MPZ created *smiles


Now to make a SRF you need the tool called 3DS, the other one we downloaded in the Mooveshop.

I will give you some links to find 3DS files for free. you will need these to create SRFs

(the link is at the bottom of this page)

This tool changes the 3DS to SRFs

And the SRFs is what we need to use as shapes in the Decomaker.

open the first line and find the 3ds you want to change to a SRF

then find the right output folder, the folder you want the SRF to go into.

Click on create SRF files as shown on the picture above.

and.... click the button, create at the bottom right and you have made your SRF

(as you can use in the deco maker)


But... to make it easy to start with the Decomaker then  I have made a little package with a few simple SRF's in as you can use to start with.

(then you can always play with the 3DS tool later *smiles)

Download it *HERE*

the shapes in the package is shown below.

Here is a link to a page that has several websites with free 3DS files to download. (just scroll down a bit on the page and it has sooo many places to download from)